COVID-19 Resources

Learner Notification Form

This Form must be filled out by schools, NOT by students.

Please fill out this form to notify the TOH Education Team of a student’s COVID-19 exposure or infection. All information is kept secure and confidential.

Staff Screening – Entrance Survey

This survey should be completed by Learners. Please answer these questions at home, before coming onsite, for each of your scheduled shifts

TOH COVID-19 Decision Matrix

The COVID-19 Decision Matrix is regularly updated. Please download the PDF and review before filling out the Learner Notification Form.

COVID-19 Decision Matrix FAQ

PPE Breach FAQ

Student Resources

If you are a student at TOH and have been exposed to COVID, you can use the link below the find the nearest PCR testing site. Please identify yourself as a healthcare worker and be prepared to show your school or TOH ID. The information at this link updates daily.

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