Infection Prevention and Control

Objective: Training tools for clinical and leadership staff on infection prevention and control during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers in LTCThis video was created to assist healthcare providers who are entering long-term care units to provide care to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare workers are practicing putting on and taking off personal protective equipment safely so as not to contaminate themselves. 
COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Practices in Long-Term Care, Residential and Retirement HomesThis Point of Care Assessment Tool Kit from Accreditation Canada was created to assist Long Term Care and Retirements Homes assess their readiness in the areas of: prevention, screening and testing; hand hygiene; personal protective equipment; cleaning & disinfecting; isolation practices; health ad wellness; people flow and transfers. Click on the link to the left to access the resource.
Public Health Ontario COVID 19: Droplet and Contact Precautions for Non-Acute Care FacilitiesThis 2-page document from Public Health Ontario describing infection prevention and control practices required management of Covid-19.
Public Health Ontario COVID19: Infection Prevention and Control FundamentalsPublic Health Ontario COVID19: Infection Prevention and Control Fundamentals
This 3-page document from Public Health Ontario, with a focus on hand hygiene bundles training materials with hyperlinks to other resources to assist in educating new healthcare professionals in long term care and retirement home
Public Health Ontario COVID 19: Universal Mask Use in HealthcareThis 2-page document describes practices around universal mask use in long term care.
Public Health Ontario COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control
Checklist for Long-Term Care and
Retirement Homes
This checklist helps guide IPAC professionals in conducting IPAC assessments related to COVID-19 in long-term care and retirement homes. It can be used during in-person or virtual visits to provide advice on preparedness and management of COVID-19
Public Health Ontario COVID 19: PPE VideosThis link contains numerous short (1-2 minute videos) on how to put on and take off different part of personal protective equipment (PPE). A great resource to use for refreshing knowledge on PPE.
LTC PPE Champion ChecklistThe use of peer champions can help with maintaining the safety of healthcare providers when taking off and putting on personal protective equipment. The LTC PPE Champion checklist can be a guide for peers to observe and provide feedback to each other when doing so.
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