Caregivers and Families

Objective: Educational tools and strategies long term care homes can share with visitors and families prior visiting to protect the health of their family member and healthcare staff.

Ottawa Public Health: Why Wear a Cloth Mask in PublicUse of a cloth mask in public places may decrease the spread of COVID-19. This short video describes further describes why to wear a cloth mask in public places including while visiting your loved one.
Ottawa Public Health: How to Wear Cloth Mask in Public PlacesUse of a cloth mask in public places (outside of work) may decrease the spread of COVID-19. This short video describes how to wear and care for a cloth mask.
Ottawa Public Health: Ottawa’s Health is in Your HandsWashing hands is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID19. This 3-minute video describes when and how to wash your hands to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Personal Protective Equipment Training for CaregiversThis 17-minute video was created to assist family caregivers who are entering long-term care or palliative care units to provide care to their family- members during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Speak Up Canada: You and Your Family Care PlanningSpeak Up Canada has tools and videos on how to start and do care planning discussions with your loved ones.
Speak Up Ontario: Resources for Individuals and FamiliesSpeak Up Ontario has tools that are Ontario specific on Health Care Consent, Advance Care Planning, Goals of Care Discussions, and Substitute Decision Makers to assist in initiating and guiding care planning with your loved ones.
Ontario Caregiver Organization Education & Resources: Caring for SeniorNew to a Caregiver for a Senior? The Ontario Caregiver Organization has some resources to get you started.
Life Expectancy and Risk Calculation ToolsLife Risk calculators created through research methods in a collaboration with Élisabeth Bruyère and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. These resources may guide families and caregivers in having discussions about care planning for their loved ones.
Use of Gloves in Public Spaces VideoThinking about wearing gloves in public? Or are you wearing gloves in public? This video 2-minute video describes why it is not a good idea.
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