Care Planning

Objective: Tools and guidelines to assist clinicians in care planning of residents in during the COVID19 pandemic.

Pallium Canada’s COVID-19 ResourcesThe link connect to Pallium Canada’s website that contains numerous palliative care modules and webinars for healthcare providers
RESTORE2The RESTORE2 is a validated tool to assist long term care home clinicians with decision making when to transfer care to acute care institution. This web link includes links on training material and the tool itself that are free to access and use.
COVID-19 Information on Goal of Care for Long-Term Care Residents and FamiliesThis 3.5-minute video link from Michael Garron Hospital in eastern Toronto discusses potential impacts of COVI19 illness on the elderly and the importance of goals of care discussions.
Serious Illness Conversation GuideThis 5-page document provides an overview approach to having a Serious Illness Conversation with patients and families. It focuses on the suggested language to use during these conversations and specific examples on how to adapt this language for Serious Illness Conversations during the COVID-19 pandemic. A framework for the order, setting, and manner to deliver bad news to patients and families is also included.

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