Patient Resource #9

Diagnostic Imaging at TOH-General: Your Virtual Visit during the pandemic

This virtual reality video tour of the Department of Imaging at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) to highlight the new procedures we have in place during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep you safe during your appointment. It’s filmed from the view of a patient while showing different processes you can go through as a patient while attending one or more of the following imaging appointments: X-ray, CT Scan, Angiography, Ultrasound, MRI or Breast Exam at TOH General Campus.

X-ray: 3:24
CT: 4:40
Angiography: 5:33 
Ultrasound: 6:34 
MRI: 6:55
Breast Health: 7:42 


  1. To provide information on what to expect during your visit for your imaging appointment (X-Ray, CT, MRI, Angiography, Ultrasound or Breast Exam);
  2. Decrease your anxiety related to the “unknown”;
  3. Answer questions and address concerns; 4. Inform you of our routines and practices during COVID-19. 

Director: Jennifer Dale-Tam, Simulation Educator

TOH Videographer & Editor: Kaitlin Endres, Simulation Technician

TOH Producer: Dr. Glenn Posner, Medical Director, Simulation Patient Safety Program, TOH 

Content Experts: Dr. Richard Aviv, Chair (Head of Medical Imaging, TOH), Dr. Carole Dennie, (Radiologist, TOH), Dr. Jean Seely (Radiologist, TOH), Paul Healey, Manager (CT Scanning, TOH) Ellen (Odai) Alie (Manager, Breast Imaging, TOH), Ines Lonz, (Manager, Nuclear Medicine and MRI, TOH)


  • X-Ray Technologist: Maryanne Rivet
  • Angiography Nurse: Yves Anglehart
  • CT Technologist: Micheline Dupras
  • Ultrasound Technologist: Darren Pearson
  • MRI Technologist: Jenny Presta Rose Ages
  • Breast Health Centre Clerk: Meagan Metcalfe
  • Breast Exam Technologist: Carolle Anderson

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