Dr. Rachel Kang

Incoming PGY-1 Anesthesia

1) What is your favourite thing about working as a member of the medical team here at the Ottawa Hospital?

The people! I am so thankful to have been supported by wonderful physicians, nurses, students, and staff at the Ottawa Hospital throughout my medical training. From being a first year med student stepping foot in the OR for the first time, to being a fourth year student trying to impress on electives, I have always felt welcomed and respected as a part of the team. It has been amazing to work and learn with such supportive, kind, and fun colleagues, and I am excited to continue my training here in Ottawa!

2) What are you most looking forward to about becoming a resident and what are you most nervous about?

I’m looking forward to continue learning and developing my skills as a physician in a field that I am very passionate about! Residency is a demanding 5 years however, and I am nervous about being overwhelmed with the increased responsibility I will be taking on. It’s also hard to say goodbye to so many good friends I’ve made throughout medical school who are now moving all over the country. I feel very lucky to be starting in an incredible residency program that will help and support me as I transition into the next step of my training.  

3) What message do you wish to share with the public during these times of uncertainty?

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone! Thank you to those who are battling this pandemic on the front lines, thank you to the essential workers and their dedication to our community, and thank you to everyone for staying at home and physical distancing to help flatten the curve. In these challenging times, it has been inspiring to see people come together (metaphorically) with kindness, empathy, and support for one another.   Keep up the physical distancing and continue to follow the government guidelines. It is everyone’s collective efforts and cooperation that help keep our community safe. Stay positive, take care of yourself, and stay connected with your loved ones. We will get through this!

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