Dr. Alexandra Fottinger

PGY-4 Anesthesia, Incoming Critical Care Fellow

1) What is your favourite thing about working as a member of the medical team here at the Ottawa Hospital?

I very much enjoy the collegial and collaborative atmosphere within and across the different health care disciplines. It is particularly exemplified now in the context of COVID-19, where fellow residents are working with staff and sharing ideas to optimize patient care, making themselves available to cover call shifts when co-residents are unwell, and the nursing and support staff are volunteering their expertise and time to help in the community and long term care homes.

2) What are you most looking forward to about becoming a fellow and what are you most nervous about?

I’m most excited about the abundant learning opportunities! It will be quite a unique opportunity and challenge to start a critical care fellowship in the midst of a global pandemic, providing patient care with the rapidly evolving evidence that we have in the realm of COVID-19. Equally, this does lead to some nervousness due to the uncertainty of the next few months on a hospital, national and global level.

3) What are you doing to take care of yourself (i.e. hobbies, self-care) during the time of Covid-19?

Fortunately, life remains somewhat normal with the routine of going into the hospital for day to day work. Outside of work, I’ve taken the opportunity to do as many others have, catching up on reading for pleasure (rather than my usual anesthesia textbook!), watching films, gardening, and speaking with friends and family over video chat. It has also been a great opportunity to take advantage of the newfound warm weather and spend some time outdoors!

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