Case 17

Caring for Patients with COVID-19: Nursing Workflow

This video was created to assist nurses with efficient workflow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Donning & Doffing PPE
  2. Conserving PPE between patients in same room
  3. Demonstration of clustering of nursing care with use of a runner when applicable
  4. Medication administration

Case: Ms. Smith (in bed #1) is a 67 yo COVID-19 positive female admitted for symptom management requiring oxygen administration. Currently on nasal prongs at 5L/min for O2 saturations of 88-92%. Past medical history includes diverticulitis and mild hypertension. Ms. Doe (in bed #2) is a 75 yo COVID-19 positive female admitted with pneumonia and fatigue. She is admitted for monitoring and symptom management. Currently on nasal prongs at 4L/min for O2 saturations of 90-94%. Physician has ordered self-proning to be started. Past medical history includes diabetes managed with oral medications. The nurse is going in to give meds to Ms Smith & check her O2 saturation followed by checking Ms Doe’s med admin POCT glucose and discuss deep breathing, coughing and possibly self-proning as is being considered by the medical team.

Content Experts: Jennifer Dale-Tam, Maeghn Green, Kathleen Sowinski and Nikki Pyl, Nurse Educators at The Ottawa Hospital

Actors: Leah Dale (Nurse), Jennifer Dale-Tam (Ms. Smith Voice) and Maeghn Green (Ms. Doe Voice)

Director: Jennifer Dale-Tam (Simulation and Nurse Educator, The Ottawa Hospital); Videographer & Editor: Kaitlin Endres (Simulation Technician, The Ottawa Hospital)

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