Dr. Sowmya Sharma

PGY-3 , Internal Medicine

1) What has helped you work through the COVID-19 pandemic?

The pandemic has certainly not been an easy time for healthcare workers. Things that have helped me get through it have been:

A) Watching my colleagues work through these difficult circumstances with incredible grace and strength. From fellow residents, to staff physicians, to the incredible nurses- there is something incredibly beautiful and motivating watching the entire healthcare work force come together to fight in this.

B) My incredibly supportive family. We are all physicians working in this COVID era and to be able to communicate with them and garner love and support has been invaluable.

C) The incredible public support. From signs to free meals to encouraging tweets and messages- it helps give healthcare workers motivation each and every day to know that we are fighting for our community, who have shown us nothing but love and support.

D) By far, the most motivating thing has been seeing and taking care of patients who have been admitted to hospital with COVID and watching them improve and leave hospital. There is not more encouraging than seeing recovery.

2) What message would you give to your fellow physician colleagues on National Doctor’s Day?

We are not immune to the burden of working in this pandemic- and it is becoming more and more apparent that the mental health and physical health of our colleagues is being challenged at this time. Seek help, reach out to your colleagues, don’t be afraid to talk about it. We cannot be great healthcare providers when we are not healthy ourselves. Please remember to take care of yourselves as much as you have been taking care of others.

3) What message of encouragement would you give to the public during this time?

Thank you for the endless support. Everything that we have been able to achieve during this pandemic is a direct result from the efforts being put in by our fellow Canadians. Please continue to listen to the direction of Public Health and the Government- we are on the right path. Take care of yourselves, and remember, this too shall pass.

4) Describe what work/life has been like for you over the last few weeks

I have spent the last month working in the ICU, on the COVID dedicated unit. It has been an incredibly eye-opening experience. Thoughts that come to mind when I reflect:

A) We have made many changes to help facilitate safety in the workplace. We have changed the format of rounding, how we see patients, how we navigate care – and everyone is working incredibly hard to stay sterile.

B) Nurses, RT’s, Housekeeping, PT, OT’s – all our allied health care staff are the reason we are able to work through this pandemic. Doctors play a very small role in the massive operation it takes to work during this time

C) I have never appreciated the value of technology like I do now. Facetime calls that have allowed family members to see their loved ones in the ICU has been one of the most rewarding experiences in the care we provide. Every little piece of communication helps.

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