Dr. Kristen McAlpine

PGY-5, Urology

1) What has helped you work through the COVID-19 pandemic?

The resilience, adaptability and kindness of everyone working at The Ottawa Hospital has been an incredible support while working through these times. The spirit in the hospital is that we are in this together with staff actively looking for ways to help one another, which has been incredibly motivating.

2) What message would you give to your fellow physician colleagues on National Doctor’s Day?

I would like to let my fellow physician colleagues know, how proud I am to work amongst such innovative, hard-working, intelligent but most importantly compassionate professionals. Our ability to collaborate, problem-solve and support one another has never been more evident than during the last few months and it is an honour to work with these selfless individuals who have dedicated their lives to caring for others even in difficult times.

3) What message of encouragement would you give to the public during this time?

People in the community should know how grateful physicians and all healthcare workers are, for all the public is doing to prevent the spread of this virus. Your selfless actions to stay home and follow the recommendations of our leaders, directly result in our ability to provide the best care we can because our system is not overwhelmed. Thank you for your support, kindness, appreciation, but most of all, thank you for staying home!

4) Describe what work/life has been like for you over the last few weeks.

The last few weeks have brought on many changes to work and to life. The number of operations we are doing has significantly decreased and all of our clinic visits have moved to telephone appointments. We are still making sure that patients who need urgent care are being treated, and are doing so with all the necessary precautions. Despite all of these changes, our resident and staff physicians continue to participate in online teaching sessions, journal clubs and research to stay connected and productive during this time. Like many Canadians, we are also using this time to rediscover our enjoyment of reading, baking, playing musical instruments and connecting with our family and friends online.

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