Dr. Kate Magner

PGY-1, Internal Medicine

1) What has helped you work through the COVID-19 pandemic?

The support and clear communication from colleagues and our program administrators has kept morale at work high, and helps me to feel like part of a community at work. Equally, phone calls, facetime chats, and messages with family and friends help maintain some normalcy at home. Finding things to do outside of work like baking, reading books and going for walks outside, provides a welcome distraction and helps to keep my spirits and energy levels high.

2) What message would you give to your fellow physician colleagues on National Doctor’s Day?

Keep doing what you’re doing, be kind, and try to do something fun for yourself at work each day – grab a coffee with a colleague, learn something new, eat lunch outside in the sun, read something interesting, teach a resident a new skill, or whatever it is that will keep you happy and motivated.

3) What message of encouragement would you give to the public during this time?

Thank you for socially distancing. It isn’t easy but it seems to be working, and the collective efforts we are making by staying home are having a far greater impact in this pandemic than any single thing we can do at the hospital. As someone who comes to work at the hospital each day, I am exceptionally grateful for the sacrifices people are making by staying home and flattening the curve.

4) Describe what work/life has been like for you over the last few weeks.

A mixed bag of feeling strange, scared, and sad, running alongside a real sense of support, care and community amongst colleagues, topped off with a feeling of gratitude to get to come to work each day and do the work we do.

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