Case 13

NICU #2: Neonatal Resuscitation adjacent to the OR (COVID-19)

This video is designed for neonatal resuscitation teams caring for a newborn delivered of a Covid-19+ mother who have access to an adjacent resuscitation room attached to the birthing room OR. 


  1. Safely Don and Doff the appropriate PPE for airborne precautions in the OR;
  2. Successful neonatal resuscitation, with attention to purposeful HR allocation and equipment needs;
  3. Explore the logistics of transferring a clean isolette and neonate into the NICU. 

Scenario author: Dr. Sarah L. Lawrence, Site Chief, NICU, TOH, General Campus; Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Ottawa 

Directed by: Dr. Glenn Posner & Ms. Kaitlin Endres  Edited by: Dr. Glenn Posner, Medical Director, The Ottawa Hospital Simulation Patient Safety Program 

Starring: Ms. Claudia Sauve – Registered Nurse, Neonatology Ms. Ileana Clow – Registered Respiratory Therapist Ms. Pamela Sykes – Registered Nurse, Neonatology Ms. Karen Lalonde – Registered Nurse, Neonatology Dr. Nadya Ben Fadel, Neonatologist 

With support from: Ms. Mireille Nemer, Nurse Educator, Neonatology Ms. Emily Reuvers, Clinical Care Leader, Neonatology Ms. Janet Brintnell, Clinical Manager, Neonatology

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