Case 4

Cardiac Arrest Management

This second version of The Ottawa Hospital “Guiding Principles for Code Blue during COVID-19 Pandemic” was created after real-life experience, feedback, and further discussion amongst experts.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Manage cardiac arrest in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. Prioritize health care provider protection
  3. Minimize aerosolization within resources of the unit & healthcare organization. 

Disclaimers: The decision to resuscitate a patient with confirmed or highly suspected Covid-19 infection is a matter of debate. This video will help us manage patients for whom respiratory failure from Covid-19 pneumonia is not suspected to be the underlying cause of cardiac arrest. No protocol is perfect, but this is the protocol that has been decided upon at The Ottawa Hospital based on our current interpretation of best practices. 

Authors: Jennifer Dale-Tam (Nurse Educator), Dr. Christian Vaillancourt (Emergency Physician, The Ottawa Hospital)

Directed by Dr. Glenn Posner 

COVID-19 Cardiac Arrest working-group: Dr. Sylvie Aucoin (Anesthesiology), Dr. Loree Boyle (Internal Medicine), Jennifer Dale-Tam (Nurse Educator), Dr. Michael Hartwick, (Critical Care), Dr. Jerry Maniate (Internal Medicine), Dr. George Mastoras (Emergency Medicine), Dr. Hilary Meggison (Critical Care), Dr. Christian Vaillancourt (Emergency Medicine)

With support from: Dr. Jerry Maniate (VP Education, The Ottawa Hospital), Dr. Janet Corral (Associate Dean, Curricular Affairs, University of Arizona)

Actors: Mariko Chartrand (Nurse Educator), Jennifer Dale-Tam (Nurse Educator), Kelly McBride (Nurse Educator), Pamela Tkach (RN, Clinical Informatics Specialist), Dr. Loree Boyle (Internal Medicine), Dr. Christian Vaillancourt (Emergency Medicine), Kaitlin Endres (Medical Student and Simulation Technician), Dr. Glenn Posner (Medical Director, TOH Simulation Patient Safety Program), Stephanie Jones (Simulation Technician)

Patient History: Mr. Jones is a 75 yo male admitted to internal medicine for CHF exacerbation last evening. Was alert, orientated, and only complaining of minimal shortness of breath on rounds 1 hour ago. Medical history includes MI 15 years ago, HTN, diabetes, and occasional admissions for CHF. Medication: ASA, Metoprolol, Statin, Metformin, Lasix. He expressed the wish for resuscitation efforts in case of cardiac arrest, which is documented in his chart.

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