Case 2

Anesthesiology in the ED

This case was designed to assess and improve team preparedness for safely and effectively caring for a critically ill COVID-19 patient who requires anesthesia.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Manage infectious, desaturating patient with urgent need for ETT/IPPV
  2. Demonstrate proper application of PPE prior to entering isolation area
  3. Prioritize and triage safety of providers and patient
  4. Follow best practices for droplet/airborne precautions during intubation
  5. Demonstrate safe doffing technique for PPE

Case authors: Amy Fraser, MD (Anesthesiology); Purnima Rao, MD (Anesthesiology); Michelle Chiu, MD (Anesthesiology)

Actors: Purnima Rao, MD (Anesthesiology),  Michelle Chiu, MD (Anesthesiology), Amy Fraser, MD (Anesthesiology), Vicki LeBlanc, PhD (Director, uOSSC), Stephanie Jones (Sim Tech, uOSSC), Adam Garber, MD (Ob/Gyn)

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